About us

We are TropiiCo! We love the beach, we love the sun and outdoors and we love to be unique. We are dedicated to providing you with the most unique and stylish sun and beach accessories. Tropii Co. was founded on the idea that everyone deserves a slice of summertime all year long!

Our ideas and inspirations come from the things that our Florida home is known for, the beautiful ocean, beaches and different landscapes, the wildlife that is found around every corner, and the locals! We take pride in knowing that we involve our customers and rely on their feedback for current and future designs. A cool example of this would be our Loggerhead design. We collaborated with the Loggerhead Marine Life Center and had an artist hand draw our Loggerhead design. Once finished, we involved everyone following us on our social media pages and asked for input. Once we got enough feedback we chose the design you all loved! Now it is one of our leading products on the market!

Our Tropii hats are designed right here in the heart of Panama City Beach, FL. As many of you know, there are many straw sun hats out on the market, but with our product, you can be sure that it will outlast the competition! Our hats are made with quality straw and come with unique UPF 50+ rated designs under neath the brim making sure that every customer is looking stylish while keeping cool all summer long! A Tropii hat is a must accessory for any outdoor event and looks good whether you're lying on the beach or reeling in a monster!

We promise that with our help, you will stand out amongst everyone else under the sun! Stay Tropii my friends!



Jason and Stacie Stiles